Company profileMORE SKY Technology Development Co., Ltd, CAS (hereinafter referred to as “company”) is a high-tech enterprise integrated with R&D, manufacturing and service of vacuum instrument and device. Formerly the Shenyang Scientific Instrument R&D Center CAS, the company was established in 1958, and was located in Hunnan New District (National High-Tech Industrial Zone), Shenyang, the company site covers an area of 73,000㎡, the building area of 35,000㎡...

Victory by the wisdom, victory by Germany

ContactMORE ADD: No.1 Xinyuan Street,Hunnan Industrial Zone,Shenyang,China 110179

Sales Telephone No.

Northern Region:86-24-23826899

East Region:86-24-23826850

Southern Region:86-24-23826860

Northwestern Region:86-24-23826827

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